Vardo Dimensions

The used utility trailer I found was roughly 4’ X 8’with 14” wheels. With the original weathered wood removed, the inside of the trailer frame measured 50” X 98”. This caused a bit of a problem initially, but I built it to accommodate 8” boards and used trim to fill in the tiny gap where necessary.

  • Box width = 4’
  • Box length = 8’
  • Ledges = 12”
  • Length of sleeping bed frame = 74”
  • Width of sleeping bed frame = 48”
  • Walls = 46” along the hypotenuse
  • Wall angle = 7 degrees
  • Distance along arc of roof 96”
  • Height from floor to midpoint of roof = 80”
  • Door height = 72”
  • Weight (estimated) 1000 lbs. Tongue weight (not known)

See my rough drawing plan. Pretty well went with the look and shape but redesigned as I went. Dimensions above are accurate.

Materials and Tools

The material list is from memory and the exact quantities have not been recorded. This is most of it though.


40+ 6’ tongue and groove 3/4 x 5″ pine boards

10+ 8′ tongue and groove 3/4 x 5″ pine boards

2X2’s for framing walls (I used finger joint kiln dried spruce)

5 cedar. 2×4’s for ceiling rafters

a few 8′ 1×4’s for door and window trim

2 8’ 5/4”x12 pine for ledge brackets

a gazillion feet of cedar fence boards, ripped to 2” and a few to 2.75” for battens and corner trim

1 sheet 3/8 ply, 1 sheet ½ “ ply and 5 8’ PT deck boards (5/4”) all for the floor

Construction adhesive and exterior wood glue

Small box of 2.5” self drilling screws for fastening floor to steel frame

Box each of 1.5″, 2” and 3” deck screws

Box of 1.5” roofing screws with neoprene gaskets

3 or 4 windows and an old door from the Restore (local used construction materials) – 4 windows and 1 door cost me $30 total

3 sheets of mahogany veneer ¼” ply for inside ceiling

3 sheets of galvalume steel roofing

One used 8 x 4′ utility trailer

Polyurethane, stains and paint

4 gate hinges and 1 gate latch



I worked with dimensional lumber where possible so there would be no need for planing.

Table saw, mitre saw and handsaw

Carpenters square, speed square and adjustable bevel square

Hammer, screw drivers

Impact driver, drill and various bits

Hand plane

Tape measures and pencils

Several ratcheting bar clamps (short and long)

Pair of saw horses with a sheet of plywood

A random orbital sander

Jig saw or scroll saw ( I used my band saw for all the brackets)

Paint brushes and sand paper