the georgian vardo

Building a Tiny Gypsy Wagon

The georgian vardo is up for SALE

The georgian vardo is up for sale as I look to take on another project and need the space.

Feel free to inquire (see CONTACT) and arrange for a viewing. The vardo must be seen to be truly appreciated. Furnishings as displayed are included in the sale. Serious inquires only as I am quite busy.

Although the trailer is road worthy for a very short distance, the vardo will need to be ‘flat-bedded’ and delivered to a farther distance at your expense.

Plating and taxes are your responsibility.

For more information regarding the sale go to


Completion (August 15th)

A little over 3 months, working on it in my spare time and most weekends, the ‘georgian vardo’ is now complete. Will pick up a trailer vehicle plate this week and prepare for the first road trip about 10 km from home. Will travel through one small town and down to Georgian Bay for a few nights at the water’s edge. I have had a few drive-bys stop and admire, a couple that smiled and chuckled … but going through town will definitely turn a few heads.

Here she is.       vardocompleted

the georgian vardo

A photo journal of my tiny gypsy wagon construction project beginning with the frame.

cropped for drawing_draw

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